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Auto Dealer / Broker Indirect Leasing Program


Midway Leasing Will Help You Make Deals!

New and Used Leasing, Prime, Sub Prime, Personal Leasing, Business Leasing, Highline Expat Leasing, Exotic, Commercial / Fleet

What We’re Looking For:

  • Deals that make sense but may not meet normal bank requirements
  • A Reason to Say Yes!
  • Good Equity Position through Cap Reduction
  • Quality Collateral
  • Special Circumstances
  • Sufficient Income

What We Offer:

  • New and used car leases
  • Credit flexibility – will consider BK and liens
  • Leases from 12 months to 60 Months
  • Lease factors from .0034 and up
  • Custom residuals based on odd terms and miles
  • Fast funding

To Get Started

Submit your deal to or fax to(323) 954-5234

  • Completed Credit Application – Dealer Application is O.K. to Start
    Business Application   |   Consumer Application
  • Driver’s License / ID
  • Credit Bureau – Experian Preferred
  • Basic Deal Structure
  • Kelley Blue Book or Invoice

Midway will contact you with initial decision

  • Midway works with dealer to create a structure that will work for customer
  • Midway will determine residual and terms

Upon customer O.K. – complete file

  • Midway to receive proof of income – usually 3 month bank statements or paychecks
  • Midway to receive proof of residence
  • Any other requests from Midway

Midway creates PDF docs and emails to dealer or customer for signature funding – with original docs, insurance binder and proof of registration