Midway Fleet Leasing provides vehicle leasing to businesses and consumers. 
We provide personalized service and custom lease options to meet the needs of our clients.   Please contact us for a lease quote.

(800) 89 FLEET (800) 893-5338
Dealer/Broker Program
Auto Dealer and Broker Indirect Leasing Program
Midway Leasing Will Help You Make Deals!
New and Used Leasing—Prime—Sub Prime—Personal Leasing— Business Leasing—Expat Leasing—Highline—Exotic—Commercial/Fleet
What We Offer:
  • New and Used Car Leases
  • Credit Flexibility—Will Consider BK and Liens
  • Leases from 12 Months to 60 Months
  • Lease Factors from .0034 and Up
  • Custom Residuals Based on Terms and Miles
  • Custom Lease Terms
  • Fast Funding
What We’re Looking For:
  • A Reason to Say Yes!
  • Good Equity Position
  • Quality Collateral
  • Special Circumstances
  • Sufficient Income
  • Deals That Make Sense
  • Cap Reduction
To Get Started:
  • Submit Your Deal to: info@midwayleasing.com or Fax to (323)954-5234
  • Midway Will Contact You With Initial Decision
    • Midway Works with Dealer to Create a Structure that Will Work For Customer
    • Midway Will Determine Residual and Terms
  • Upon Customer O.K.—Complete File
    • Midway to Receive Proof of Income—Usually 3 Months Bank Statements or Paychecks
    • Midway to Receive Proof of Residence
    • Any Other Requests From Midway
  • Midway Creates PDF Docs and Emails to Dealer or Customer for Signature
  • Funding—With Original Docs, Insurance Binder and Proof of Registration
Midway Leasing Ken Sopp, Director
Kevin Hy, Manager

(323)692-8575 Fax (323)954-5234
4751 Wilshire Blvd #120 Los Angeles, CA 90010
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