Midway Fleet Leasing provides car, truck and equipment leasing to businesses and consumers.  We provide personalized service and custom lease options to meet the needs of our clients. Please contact us for a lease quote.

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Midway Fleet Leasing offers a variety of leasing programs tailored to meet whatever needs you might have. Midway Fleet Leasing can tailor a closed-end or open-end lease solution to fit your budgetary and internal needs. Our online order tracking, inventory tracking and information requests make the process efficient and easy for you to use. Our extensive experience in the automotive industry provides us with substantial bargaining power. We apply money-saving strategies from vehicle acquisition to vehicle remarketing to ensure that your fleet program is the lowest cost available.
  • Eliminate up-front sales tax cost
  • Off balance sheet financing for leased assets
  • Eliminate the need for additional financing,
    freeing up credit lines for other business needs
  • Lease payments are expensed monthly
  • Enhance business financial ratios
  • Vast selection of vehicles and equipment packages
  • No down payment (available with most lease programs)
  • Personalized programs to meet the needs of your business
  • Mileage allowances based on your requirements
  • Flexible fleet growth or reduction to suit business needs
Closed End Leasing

A closed end lease is a lease agreement that puts no obligation on the lessee (the company or person making  lease payments) to purchase the leased asset at the end of the agreement. Also called a "true lease", "walkaway lease" or "net lease".

Since the lessee has no obligation to purchase the leased asset upon lease expiration, that person or company does not have to worry about whether the asset will depreciate more than expected throughout the course of the lease. Thus, it is argued that the closed-end leases are better for the average lessee.  These leases will include a mileage limitation to allow the leasing company to more accurately predict the residual value.

Open End

With an open end lease, the lessee assumes the risk for the residual value at the lease end term. This option generally provides for lower monthly payments, although a weak resale market could create a higher risk. Should the lessee need to sell the vehicle prior to the end of the lease, he may owe more than the value of the vehicle.

Residual values are affected by vehicle type, mileage, vehicle condition, and market timing. While the lower lease payments may appear attractive, actual monthly vehicle cost could be more due to the factors above. While there are no excess mileage or abnormal wear and tear charges, these costs will be reflected in a lower residual value.

At the end of the lease term, the lessee pays the difference between the vehicle sale price and the depreciated book value (based on the amortized rental charge). If the sale price is in excess of the depreciated book value, the Lessee retains the excess funds

Corporate Leasing

Fleet Leasing Programs

We offer a variety of leasing programs tailored to meet whatever needs you might have a closed-end or open-end lease solution to fit your budgetary and internal needs. Flexible, customized terms and mileages are available to meet your specific fleet usage. Our online order and inventory tracking and information requests make the process efficient and easy for you to use.


  • Full-service fleet management and consulting
  • Flexible solutions for long-term cost savings
  • Unsurpassed product knowledge & expertise
  • Advanced technology applications
  • Personalized customer service
Studio Leasing

Midway Fleet Leasing specializes in leasing to the studio industry.  From commercial trucks for production to personal vehicles for staff and executives, we understand the industry and its needs.  We are currently doing business with all of the major studios as well as many other related entities.

Government Leasing

Midway Fleet Leasing offers lease programs for government agencies.  Leasing can provide cash flow advantages that can help with budgetary constraints.  In addition we can offer higher mile leases that can match up to municipal usage requirements.

Pre-Owned Leasing

Midway Fleet Leasing and Midway Car leasing offer leasing on pre-owned vehicles.  In many cases, used car leasing can lead to lower payments than an equivalent new vehicle.  Pre-owned leases also can offer an alternative to used car financing.

If your company is consistently growing in size and it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage the day to day operations one thing you will want to consider is utilizing the fleet management services we offer at Midway Fleet Leasing.  Instead of dealing with multiple car leasing companies on your own you can deal directly with our company and we will handle all of the details.  We offer vehicles from just about every major manufacturer, which enables us to offer everything from economy to luxury vehicles.  Our enterprise leasing options enable you to design a customized vehicle lease that fits the needs of your business.  We understand that every company is unique and therefore needs fleet management services to match.  At Midway Fleet Leasing we cater to your company's individual needs to ensure that you get exactly what you want from our service.  If your company has used other car leasing companies in the past you are probably already aware of the benefits that leasing offers.  If your company has not leased in the past these benefits include: reduced maintenance needs, more credit available when compared to directly financing company vehicles, new vehicles every few years, and much more.

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The enterprise leasing programs we offer at Midway Fleet Leasing will take all of the guesswork out of fleet management for your business and eliminate any unwanted surprises.  We utilize a combination of highly trained staff members and efficient use of technology to deliver top notch service to our customers.  We offer many web based services to our clients, which make it quick and easy to handle many transactions regarding the day to day fleet management tasks such as vehicle maintenance, registrations, and more.  This combination of knowledgeable employees and powerful technological tools gives your company the ability to focus on your line of business, leaving the burden of fleet management with us.  One of the biggest advantages we offer when compared to traditional car leasing companies is our ability to customize lease terms and conditions.  By doing so we are able to offer you a fleet management solution that will work for your company, no matter what the future holds.  If your company experiences a surge in growth, we can adapt your current fleet management program accordingly.  If your business experiences a slow down, we are able to scale back services to match this as well.

When it comes to enterprise leasing options, at Midway we offer solutions for companies both big and small.  From those with a fleet of a few cars to companies with hundreds of vehicles, we can handle the needs of just about any company out there.  Our services are designed to not only save your company money but also reduce the time you spend dealing with issues regarding your company's vehicles.  This allows you to spend more time focusing on your company's products and services to help stimulate further growth.  Please take a look around our website to see some of the deals we currently have available and to learn more about our enterprise leasing solutions.

Midway Fleet Leasing offers our clients a wide selection of both vehicles and fleet management services in order to ensure they receive exactly what they desire.  This helps keep our clients happy with our services as we aim to provide top notch customer service to all of our clients.  We have a staff of friendly and knowledgeable individuals who are able to help you with any questions or concerns regarding your company's fleet management needs.  Whether you are in need of a short term one year car lease or long term car leasing in Los Angeles, Midway Fleet leasing can handle all of your vehicle needs.  We deal with just about every major auto manufacturer so you are able to choose from a large selection of popular vehicles.  With everything from economy cars to luxury models, our vast selection is sure to meet the needs of any company.  Whether you need a fleet of vehicles for your traveling sales staff or you need vehicles for executives in your company, we can match you with the exact vehicle needed.  We offer customized options when it comes to leasing which range from one year car leases to leases with durations of several years.  At Midway Fleet Leasing we also have fully customizable vehicle lease options available which means you can choose from varied durations, mileage, and more to ensure you get what you need.

At Midway Fleet Leasing we have built a solid reputation for car leasing in the Los Angeles area and we have done so by putting a premium on customer satisfaction.  By offering our customers a wide variety of options and customizable fleet management solutions we have earned the repeat business of many clients.  We understand that every business is unique and requires customized service, which is why we offer individualized attention to every client.  This approach has led to the development of many of the different service offerings we offer.  If you have inquired with other companies such as Lion Leasing and didn't find what you needed, you can be sure to find exactly what you want from our leasing service.  Since we offer vehicles from such a wide variety of manufacturers it is easy to find the vehicle you want with our service.  With options such as long term rentals and short term leases we can always find an option that is best suited to your needs.

If your business is looking for options when it comes to car leasing in Los Angeles, be sure to contact us for more information.  We will talk with you to see what your needs are and then we will develop a specific fleet management plan to fit your specific business line and company.  Whether you are a small company that is growing fast or a large company with slower growth, we can come up with a fleet management solution that is a perfect fit.  If you are interested in a one year car lease or any other product from us you can be assured that our services will save your company both time and money.  If you have visited the websites for other companies like Lion Leasing and didn't find what you are looking for, be sure to browse our site to see some of the great deals we have available.  Also, feel free to contact us to inquire about any deals we currently have available, as we are not always able to update our site as quickly as the deals come in.


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