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Auto Dealer / Broker Indirect Leasing Program


Midway Leasing Will Help You Make Deals!

New and Used Leasing, Prime, Sub Prime, Personal Leasing, Business Leasing, Highline Expat Leasing, Exotic, Commercial / Fleet

What We’re Looking For:

  • Deals that make sense but may not meet normal bank requirements
  • A Reason to Say Yes!
  • Good Equity Position through Cap Reduction
  • Quality Collateral
  • Special Circumstances
  • Sufficient Income

What We Offer:

  • New and used car leases
  • Credit flexibility – will consider BK and liens
  • Leases from 12 months to 60 Months
  • Lease factors from .0029 and up
  • Custom residuals based on odd terms and miles
  • Fast funding

To Get Started

Submit your deal to [email protected] or fax to(323) 954-5234

  • Completed Credit Application – Dealer Application is O.K. to Start
    Business Application   |   Consumer Application
  • Driver’s License / ID
  • Credit Bureau – Experian Preferred
  • Basic Deal Structure
  • Kelley Blue Book or Invoice

Midway will contact dealer with initial decision

  • Midway works with dealer to create a structure that will work for customer
  • Midway will determine residual and terms

Upon customer O.K. – complete file

  • Midway to receive proof of income – usually 3 month bank statements or paychecks
  • Midway to receive proof of residence
  • Any other requests from Midway

Midway creates PDF docs and emails to dealer or customer for signature

Midway funds quickly with with original docs, insurance binder, stips and proof of registration