Midway Leasing

Car Leasing

Will Help You
Make Deals

What We Are Looking For:

  • Deals that make sense but may not meet normal bank requirements
  • A Reason to Say Yes! We offer in-house approvals
  • Solid equity with good LTV and favorable buyouts at end of term
  • Quality Collateral
  • Special Circumstances – we will take a look
  • Sufficient Income – we accept bank statements as proof of income

What We Offer Customers:

  • New and used car leases with quick approvals
  • All makes and models, including highline & exotic
  • Lease terminations with short-term lease options
  • Credit flexibility – we consider many factors and will accept BK’s and liens depending on debt to income, proof of income, PTI and more

Partnering With Midway

Means More Sold Units, More Saved
Deals and More Profit.

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Factors We Consider:

  • Limited credit and length of time on the bureau
  • Consumer, co-signer, business, commercial fleet, personal guarantee, and/or mix-on approved credit
  • New employment, foreclosures, and aged report
  • College graduates or postgraduates
  • First-time buyers with no co-signer but a sizable down payment
  • Student visas
  • USA work visas based on individual circumstances
  • Entertainment industry “Hollywood” programs
  • Lease terms from 12 months to 60 months
  • Prepaid leases with favorable early termination
  • Low lease payments with cap reduction/risk
  • Custom residuals/odd terms, miles, write-downs

Getting Started

Submit your deal to Rob Darocha at: rdarocha@midwayleasing.com

Quick Submission

Please scan all documents:

  • Completed Business or Consumer Application – Dealer Application is O.K. to Start
  • Driver’s License, ID, and proof of residence
  • Credit Bureau – Experian Preferred
  • Down payment / cap reduction amount & Basic Deal Structure
  • Kelly Blue Book or invoice

Quick Decision

  • Midway will contact dealer with initial decision
  • Midway will create an attractive proposal with a structure to present to the buyer
  • Midway will calculate rate, residual and terms
  • Midway to receive proof of income – usually 3 month bank statements or paychecks
  • Midway to receive proof of residence
  • Any other requests from Midway

Quick Signing

  • Midway Creates PDF documents and emails to dealer and/or customer for signature

Quick Funding

  • Midway funds quickly with original documents, insurance binder, stips and proof of registration